English Poems 2

© Anna Lilja 2004

Settlement of Accounts


I put on my best smiling face

Pretending I´m feeling great

But inside myself I´m crying

Thinking of your last embrace


You don´t care how I feel,

You don´t care if I´m bad

Just as long as you are still ok

No need to ask me how I feel

Don´t care if I´m going mad

As long as you are still ok


I can´t guess what you are thinking,

I don´t know what your heart speaks

But I know you refuse to see

my life, my soul, my heart – how I die

With every of your unspoken word

With every reason I´ve not heard

-tell me the reason why!


The reason why

You raped my heart

You cut my soul

You gave me all

You took it all

And caused my fall


I put on my best happy face

But inside I´m bleeding

Your leading me

Into my biggest misery